n a m e

Thursday, August 25, 2016

he called me by name
a name i had never known before
but in that instant
i knew
he knew me
that he loved me
that he was different
the name was mine
and only he knew it

f r e e d o m

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

they say that he is a prisoner
for life
put under lock and key
his life shall now be shortened
his actions had brought him here
people would come and talk to him
but mostly
people would not
you see
he was a prisoner
i would often go
bringing a new book to read
news from the outside
sometimes even a simple flower
for hope you see
his eyes held a story
one that even i couldn't understand
his skin was pale and sickly
from the walls that had kept him in
when i said hello
he would quietly respond
days passed slowly
hours drug by
years disappeared
soon he was an old man
and i too had aged
i still visited
he remained the same
until the day where he blurted
his story to me
i listened and left
he thought i would never come again
i did
next time i brought a gift
a Friend
who could set the prisoner
f r e e


Thursday, August 18, 2016

sometimes i like to believe
that people understand me
but they don't
they look at me through eyes
which i can not see through
it's as though
i am a stranger to them
a traveler
a child from a distant land
they ask me questions trying to grasp
who i am
why i do what i do
but even i don't know
so how can i answer you
who i am
its a mystery to me
as it is to you
i don't know why i do what i do
i was designed to do it
i guess
im passionate for a reason
loud for a cause
strong for the weak
im not lost though
im found
im just different
people see me through their eyes
i look blurry to some
clear to others
colorful to the best
and drab to those who are blind themselves
it's a world full of people
some see it
some don't
so what if im odd
im stronger for my differences
i'll fight hard for those who need me
cry for those who cry
i'll yell when someone needs to be heard
i'll sing when the music is playing
dance when its time to dance
but for now
i'll remain the stranger
child from a distant land
im cool with that

those eyes

Saturday, August 13, 2016

it was all so dark
and dim
and strange
empty yet somehow complete
bright but pitch black
one eye saw color
the other
did not
you close one eye

keeping the other open
and you came to see
something the others can't
almost as if you're special
but not complete
those who see just color
they're complete
those who see just grey
they're complete
living in a world
where half and half
you're given a gift
to see both worlds
use the darkness
and the light
they both have advantages
and disadvantages
use the grey
and the color
make a picture
paint it with both
something will come of it
hold on tight