its okay to be okay

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

it's okay to be not okay
a line i hear so often
and it's true
but what about the people
who are okay
the people who have given
their depression to God
and have come to a transition place
where it is okay
to be okay
it's just as poetic
just as beautiful
as it is
to be not okay

just rambling thoughts 

you gotta do it

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

i firmly believe
that it doesn't matter what
you do
or even who
you are
but how you
do it
that matters
you have to give it your all
and be who you are
bc when you do
you can go far
so don't just sit there wondering
what to do
or where to go

thoughts of a sick human aka me 

my valentine

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

i had another dream
but this time i knew what was going to happen in the end
and couldn't wake myself up
it was rather painful to watch what i already knew was going to unfold
but i /  had /  to /
and then when i finally finished the dream
i woke up. at first, i laid there in a groggy state but then i sat up
raced down the hallway and sighed in relief. my little sister - she was alright
i planted a kiss on her forehead and climbed back in my bed
glad that it had only been a dream

bc this is love k 

c h a n g e s

Friday, February 10, 2017

there comes a time
where change
can't be held back
i scream for it to stop
i kick and yell that i like it the way
it always had been
but even when i push
and do my best
to hold it back
i can't
bc it slips through the cracks
so i have to forget it
and just
go with the flow
bc why make it more painful
than it already is

kinda inspired by a tv show + my feelings 

be brave k

Monday, February 6, 2017

you have to be brave
to let people in
to trust them
with your story
and heart
and love
you can't just run away
bc you are scared
fear is real and terrifying
but so is living alone
for the rest of your life
be brave
trust in God
and then
my dear friend
you will find beauty

idk if im brave enough 

loud whispers

Thursday, February 2, 2017

sometimes the silence
is just
too loud
it tells me that i can't do it
that i'll fail
yet again
it whispers to me
the echoes and memories
of long such things
things that i wanted to forget
but tend to be awakened
by the silence
it's a little too unnerving
a little too loud
if silence isn't what you think it is
then what even is it

bc geeesh this is so true right