we've shifted

Friday, March 31, 2017

what happened to passion
where did joy vanish to
why did love become unloving
how did we become
the monsters we tried to fight
when did this happen
why did it
all i know is
i wanna be
where these things went to be safe
just how i see it - my perspective.

where is the beauty

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

i went to a place
its called a home
but is it really?
the hallway was full of people
and horrible country albums were playing
i wanted to shout

how are you feeling
i said instead

i screamed in agony

the people 
they try to smile
but they're waiting
i painfully held back my words

i said
i'm 57
she said
no. no she's not

i teared up

pain and sorrow
are part of life
but truly
can't we just try
to fight that part
and be the love everyone
desires to have
i cry bc its so much harder than it seems

don't forget the elderly. you will be that one day 

the glares

Sunday, March 26, 2017

so what
it only truly matters
what you do
forget the glare she threw at you
just remember this
she has a life
and you have yours
her actions don't have to effect you
be the beautiful human God made you to be
and you'll see
you will still get glares
they just won't matter anymore

what if
we lived in a world
instead of rejection and distaste
our eyes held love and joy
what if 
we do
we just need to remember to be that way

please try. 

who are we

Thursday, March 23, 2017

do you think that 
some people
are meant to be
those who are forgotten
while some people
are made to be remembered
is it that some humans
are better than one another
or that
their talents were discovered
unlike somebody else
perhaps the option was given
but only a few took it
and those few
we remember
it's wrong to always know who elvis is
just cuz you know his name
and to shrug when you see harold barnes
just cuz you don't know his
remember one day
your name will be on a grave stone
who will you be remembered as

just something i thought we should all think about

stop pretending

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

why are we so afraid
to fail
to realize that you can't always do
what you thought you could do
why does it seem like you didn't do it right
when perhaps
you did it the way
you were supposed to
why does it look like
on the outside
you've got it together
when on the inside
you don't
why do you pretend
when you don't have to

happy national poetry day you guys. btw a real human is beautiful. be that. 


Saturday, March 18, 2017

there's a place
that i won't enter
a room 
that i haven't seen for a long 
long time
you see if i enter the walls
i'll be forced 
forced to remember 
forced to forget 
and im not sure 
if im ready for that yet 

you can't edit feelings 
they're there
loud and sometimes 
it's assumed easier
to just forget them
but you see 
its not 

i. will. not. forget.

you're y o u

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

why do you keep forgetting
that your worth
isn't in what you look like
why do you brush off
the friends who really care
why do you keep pushing
for a goal
which someone else gave to you
why do you try and try
to be that person you've always
felt you had to be
it is easy to be a stranger
bc you don't know their story
it's harder to be yourself
bc you do know yours

sometimes words hurt you know but they're needed. be you k 

published book

Monday, March 13, 2017

here you go
all the poems i've written
and they're in a book
give me a little time
and soon
you'll be able to buy it
so you can hold it
just like me
bc wow
it's just so cool


Thursday, March 9, 2017

i didn't even say goodbye. i just now realized that. why did it take me so long, to finally see this - that you were always there, bright in my life.
but then, you had to leave. and, i didn't even stop long enough to say goodbye
is there something wrong with me / is there something wrong with us / or you /
i don't know. but maybe, i'll remember to say goodbye more - and hello.
because what if its the last time i ever get to say it?

i remembered something that i guess i had forgotten 

why me

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

i've been in countless situations
where im not sure why
im actually there
why i was asked
to be there
i didn't know
i didn't seek it out
but somehow
it happened
and now
i know a piece of your puzzle
i hold it
cuz i know something
that nobody else does
and as i reflect
i wonder
why i was asked
why me

bc yeah, this has happened a lot to me 


Saturday, March 4, 2017

but wait
i didn't mean it that way. i didn't want you to...to..actually leave. i just wanted to see if you cared. if you actually meant what you always whispered.
i love you
you seemed to mean it - i think you even thought you did. 
but maybe it wasn't strong enough? 
so next time shhhhh don't say you love me - don't say something you can't feel 

fictional - unless my subconscious remembers something i dont

the true mystery

Thursday, March 2, 2017

there are places
in the world 
untouched by human hand
there are books
sitting in hidden places 
there are caves 
so deeply placed 
that they will never see 
the light of day
there are treasures 
so lost 
that even the man who buried them
could never discover it again
and there are people 
who lived lives 
but have never been spoken of
tell me 
how does that make you feel 

don't ask. i have noooo idea where this came from