my home {for now}

Sunday, July 30, 2017

i live in a place where fireflies dance as the sun slips to the other side of the earth

i live in a place where the air is so fresh that my lungs cannot fill enough

i live in a place where the yard is large enough and the sky is big enough that i never feel crowded in

the summer is never long enough and the winter is never short enough here

in my garden i get to sing even if i really can't sing

fields surround me like a sea and i live on my own island. its full of grass and trees and giggles and swings. the freezer has popsicles and chalk is plentiful. there is enough childhood left on the shelf. dust it off. join me.

it's paradise here.


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

guys i actually did it
the design is new
which means possibly new ideas
i'm willing to try something different
but stay the same still
i'm excited
what do you think??

how life is

Monday, July 24, 2017

what makes some people jump off bridges
while others climb mountains
what gives some confidence
and others none
it's as if something happened
as if someone said something
maybe empowering or perhaps downgrading
bc truthfully
everyone starts out the same
what happens in the middle seems to decide the end

is this true for you?

why you ache

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

we never quite say what our hearts feel
often little words are left unsaid
little actions left undone
we pretend as if that doesn't hurt
we pretend as if they don't matter
but deep deep deep down
where the memories slip to and where love grows there is a hole
in that hole is where the undone deeds are
and that is where the ache in your soul grows
bc you didn't say i love you
you didn't smile or give that hug
you didn't even try
maybe we shouldn't wait anymore
maybe waiting is what is going to destroy us


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

where would you be if you woke up a little earlier and drove a little farther each day
where would you be if you pushed and pushed for the extreme
if you fought for what you believed in
would you be the minority
or part of a majority
would you learn to obey the rules
or would you break every expectation for freedom
would you have the strength
or would you crack under the pressure
bc kid being out of the box is rough
it's those walls that define you
will you break them
or will you let them keep you in


Sunday, July 9, 2017

idk if you've ever been in a place that makes your heart soar
but i have
it's almost as if it's thumping so fast
like i can't catch my breath

bc im so happy and so sad and so excited and so confused yet smiling 

it's like the emotions are choking me
and my heart keeps racing
my smile keeps smiling

dedicated to the sis in the pic bc she said that about the smile