t e s t e d

Thursday, October 27, 2016

in the short time that i could see
i saw
i didn't know that i would go blind
but i knew
as a child does
that everything is beautiful
and special
each color
so i studied them
but then i went blind
it wasn't my fault
or anyone's actually
i guess it was just a slow process
the doctors said
it should have happened sooner
but it didn't
i know that was God
letting me study a bit longer
cause i wasn't ready
for such a large test yet
but now I can still see
in a way
which i studied for that short while
and i treasure it
so remember your sight
it's a gift

literally inspired by a tv show episode 


  1. As someone who has 20/400 vision and didn't know it for years (seriously), I kind of feel like I was given the opposite of this. When I finally went in and got my questionable vision checked (and EVERYBODY was shocked at where it fell, because I had never had any problems navigating through life (of course, I never drove and I was homeschooled, so that helped; no signs or chalkboards had to be read from far away)), I was given glasses that have changed everything! Colors are so vibrant when they aren't blurred. Tree bark has such different textures. Fur on animals is captivating. And I still can't get over how clear the stars are! I feel like I was given a gift that many people get before they know how priceless it is. Some people are sorry I missed out on so much; but I like to look at it as I get to experience all this for the first time when I truly appreciate it :).

    1. WAHHHHT.

      that's all I can say. this is insanely..woooow.

    2. ^^ I actually had a similar experience! It was the craziest thing.

  2. So. Sad. And with a strange beauty too. ;) (thank you for listing your inspiration at the botton!! Now we don't have to wonder... ;))

    1. a strange beauty. OHMYGOSH THATS SUCH POETRY RIGHT THERE brb gotta write a poem. no joke

      and awww maybe I should just leave it be and let you wonder haha

  3. Love this! ♥ Like Micaiah said- sad yet strangely beautiful. And thanks so much for the explanations- I'm glad it's not from your personal experience. xD

    1. woww..you guys. I didn't think of it that way, but am so glad you saw something I didn't!! hahaaa you're so welcome ;) me too... <33

  4. So sad. But it's full of hope and pomposity. I love it!
    I can't believe I haven't stopped by here yet! You're such a good poet!!!
    Sophie // The Techno Maid

    1. oh thank you <3 I wanted to get the hope across and am very glad that you saw that!
      EEEP you're so sweet, Sophie!! <33333


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