the reoccurring dream

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

i had a dream
and in this dream
i was up high
in a room
an attic
and it was empty
and scary
the floor boards were cracked
i could see below
from above
and i could see a door
it was directly across from me
only a few steps
but the gaping holes
held me back
i turned and saw a window
it looked old
with the classic panes
i look down
and there was my sister
she waved
and i asked her to help me
she kept waving as if
she didn't hear me
i access the room again
and there was a dress
on an antique dress form
suddenly im in a store
selling watches
and i wake up
and remember
ive had this dream before
a long time ago



  1. Reoccurring dreams (especially ones that make no sense!) are so weird, aren't they? You're genius for thinking to turn it into a poem- it's perfect!

    1. I DONT UNDERSTAND THEM AT ALL. like I have this other one too and I'm in this mill and I start running downstream bc I'm being chased but not?? awww gosh thanks *squeals*

  2. Dreams are so weird.
    (And I mean that in the best way)
    This though, woah,

    1. AGREED
      (lol but sometimes they're too wacky?)
      eep though, thanks

  3. Did you actually have this dream??? Like a few times??
    Thats creepy cool. XD

    1. yes!! No joke. It's actually really creepy lol

  4. Oh my gosh I was afraid you were going to jump down to your sister or she'd be dead or something and I'm all shivery!! My goodness dreams like those are the strangest.

    1. OMW OMW OMW thats terrible. legit, if that was what happened in the dream, I wouldn't have written this poem cuz I'd be too busy sobbing.
      uhhhg yes they are


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