i'm a sunrise

Sunday, October 15, 2017

im one of those people
who is very much on the ground
i look up often tho 
staring at the sky 
which the dreamers live in 
they seem close enough to touch 
but too far away to ever join 
their club is one of exclusiveness 
i didn't belong 
i don't belong 
my place is below 
plugging along and getting dirty 
dreamers are like sunsets 
im a little more like sunrises 
nobody really sees those

[i can't get over how depressing this sounds. and actually, it really isn't how i meant it to be. tbh. i like being a sunrise]

world changer

Sunday, October 8, 2017

don't ever tell me that one person can't change the world
tbh some don't believe in such a possibility
what if this man wasn't just a man
but far more like God in human form
and He did change the world
so shh child don't doubt
have faith
i believe


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

maybe you think that you know what's happening in the lives around you
that you know those who are struggling
and those who are thriving
but let me assure you of something
you are wrong
stop stopping at the wall they've placed before you
and understand that brokenness is there
even when the appearance is of a whole
bc trust me
there is a lot you don't know


Friday, September 22, 2017

have you ever thought about the thousands of light bulbs
that shine above you in walmart
and who put them there
or the billions of ants you've crushed in a lifetime
what do you know about the earth and the lava boiling in the center of it all
how about the fact that someone just died
and someone was just born
these things happen without our knowledge
the bursting stars in outer space
the earthquakes in the ocean
the tears which were hidden from you
yes these are all unknowns
what do you think about that

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