Sunday, December 24, 2017

if someone asked me what I want for Christmas I think I would have to say I want it to feel like Christmas

like. Not what it felt like when I was a kid. That's the "gimmie gifts" feel. Nothing was wrong with that as a kid, 
but now I just feel rotten and selfish. I want Christmas to be over so I don't have to feel this way anymore.

I want to FEEL Christmas the way Mary and Joseph did. I don't want to remember the word, instantly thinking of food and snow and gifts and constantly repeated carols.

I want to stir up love. I want to FEEL the true Christmas.

I don't want to keep the Christ in Christmas, I want it to be about Him completely.

You see, if it were up to me (and not all the store marketing skills), Christmas would be a holiday of prayer. of praises to God. of thanks and joy and constant, never ceasing, singing.

there wouldn't be a dead tree in my house. there most certainly wouldn't be a fat man in a red suit coming down my chimney.

maybe Christmas is the season of joy and kindness and love.

I visited a nursing home today. The halls were full, unlike what I had seen a few weeks before. People were smiling and saying
K bros, I get it. This whole thing is a great reminder.

but ya know, there comes a point when reminding needs to stop and living needs to happen.

Holidays give the wrong impression all together. And celebrating isn't celebrating anymore either. Excitement equals getting an extra long weekend, sleeping in, eating sweets..it's starting to become an old story.

And then, that's when I cry. Bc what really is Christmas? I don't think anybody really knows.

So this is why Christmas blues is a thing. this is why I get older and become more and more done with holidays. Maybe I'm a Scrooge. But well...let's just leave it at that for now...

Merry Christmas folks.


  1. "maybe Christmas is the season of joy and kindness and love." mmhm. this was really insightful :) I just found your blog the other day and I was excited to see a ton of amazing poems I had yet to read all in one place. it makes my heart so happy. Merry Christmas, thanks for sharing this <3

    1. aww thank you. AND ALSO WELCOME!!!! Legit so excited to see a new friend around <3 Merry Christmas, Misty! and lol yes, there are loooootts of poems here. almost too many? XP

    2. you’re welcome!! thank youuu <3 no no you can never have too many poems xD

  2. "there comes a point when reminding needs to stop and living needs to happen." DUDE. This is my favorite sentence of this whole post, ok. Because it's sooo true.

    1. giirrrlll thanks a ton! It's mine too...I know that's weird but it makes me think for real

  3. YESSS. this is so true and so good. <3 <3 <3 <3

  4. Just, so beautiful, girlie. I'm with you here -- Christmas has been turned into something worldly and I hate it but somehow I don't know how to get out if it. This was so insightful and I loveddddd it!!!!! Just know that there is a time for wanting things to change, and there's a time for enjoying your blessings because some things we can't change until Jesus comes again. <3

    1. yes...it has, and I am sick of it. thanks so much for commenting!

  5. um yesyesyes. Christmas (maybe just in the US? idk) has become so commercialized and a facade of what it's meant to be. Christmas isn't that, and you hit it. Thank you for writing it!


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