my king

Friday, April 14, 2017

there is a Lord 
who came as a servant 
to save us from our stupidity 
and the sins which we created 
He came for the poor and the rich
for the sick and the mighty 
He came for the old and the young 
and shook the world 
with silence at times and parables at others 
we did not know 
or else we did not want to know 

because submitting to Someone 
means giving up yourself 
and you see 
that's the whole point 
cuz that's what Jesus did 
up on that cross 
don't forget the pain He endured
so that God will now look at us and see His Son 
we are trash 
He is glory 
we are dirt to be tossed to the wind
He is Lord to be worshiped for eternity
I will scream this until I die 
bc what if we forget 
simply remember this 

He died for our sins but lives now

and that my dears 
is breathtaking 


  1. Yessss. Perfect for Easter week <3<3<3 Jesus is just amazing <3

  2. So beautiful, especially on Good Friday <333

    1. aww *hugs* and yes, that's what inspired it for sure!

  3. ♥ Thanks so much for this one, Julia. It's amazing that Christ would choose to suffer so we could be made new and spend eternity with Him. Have you ever heard the Tally Trio's "His Life for Mine"?
    Love you, and thanks again! Happy Easter!

    1. I it almost feels unreal you know? So, so amazing!! I haven't - is it a book?
      Happy Easter!

    2. Actually, it's a song (and a really good one, at that ☺) Here it is:
      Love you lots,

  4. Beautiful...just beautiful. <3


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