my baby sis

the little girl
who's favorite color is red
has the kind of eyes
that looks at the world
from inside out
forget the horrors
the grim and dirt
she sees the moon
grabs it and names it gilbert

she plugs her nose
when she takes a shower
bc what if water gets in
snowboarding down a hill - yes
she asks for help
while doing her schoolwork
even tho she's already a genius
you see
she's the little girl who loves red
and she's a mega miracle child
death fought to yank her away
but it lost
and now

ive got a treasure who calls me
and sister
she's beautiful and precious and wow
im gonna go cry now


i recognize you
my mind shouts
i remember you from somewhere
we once met
and went on our own way
but now we've made eye contact
for a second time
but have never truly spoke
who are you
what is your life like
how have you grown
where have you traveled
why are you who you are
im curious
i would like to no longer be
but instead

tell me you feel this too 

ticket to freedom

i don't dream cheap 
like why should i
ive got a free ticket 
in my imagination 
i can go anywhere
do anything 
so watch out world 
im coming

my fence

i can see things
with a clearer view
other times
im fogged up with emotions
and wants
needs i think i have
i picture them
desiring items i can't have
and then
suddenly i see the layers of fog
roll away
and i can see the green grass again
on my side of the fence
i realize
it's green enough

the crutch

maybe you shouldn't do
what you enjoy
maybe it's all wrong
to be
ive seen the results
they aren't what you would expect
you went far

but not as far as you could have gone
it's a crutch
it doesn't shape you
grow you
it holds you back

and you don't mind
because it's okay
you're warm
you're happy
but really?


have you ever been
washing the bathroom mirror
and you're thinking
thinking about random things
then you stop
and look at yourself
and it's like
you can see yourself clearly
for once
it's a moment
short and vanishing
but then your heart aches
bc that feeling awoke something
deep within
it unlocked a longing
and then
you finish washing that mirror
bc life still has to be lived

basically me

t r e a s u r e d

a family's treasure
is always stored
in the safest of places
four walls make a house
but a family to love it
make it a home

there can't be a beginning
without an end
so yes

maybe someone from the puzzle
of the large and beautiful family
has left that empty spot
to never to be perfectly filled again

there will be memories
stored tightly
bc maybe those four walls know the story
but its the people
who carry it forever

for daminika and marissa and lakaysha
and their entire family