what love does

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

love bubbles over
when love overflows
it seeps into crusty dry cracks of emptiness
and drips down, touching a world of dead hearts
it doesn't take no for an answer
and certainly doesn't fade away
some black souls turn to thumping alive ones again
but some commit to eternal death, unable to see past their burden
through it all love bubbles over and overflows

                          to be accepted bc its goal is for joy to win and death to die

unable to quit

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

it's a battle to rise up in the morning 
a struggle after what happened yesterday 
we are emotionally exhausted, we are physically drained 
the day was so so long and the dark, coolness of the night was too short 

there is less relief when you have to face yourself 
there isn't enough strength it seems to do that 
but you rise
and live another day 
hoping that yesterday won't repeat itself 
hoping that rest will come soon 


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

you know how when you watch a movie and you see a character doing something stupid 

and you just sit there moaning and screaming into your pillow; 

"STOP! No. That's not it! Do this!"

and you know why we can do that can't do that in our own lives, even tho we wish to? 

bc in the movies we get to see the opposite character and their thoughts. We get the advantage. Life isn't really like that

so don't beat yourself up so hard when you feel like you just did something stupid. It happens. You learn from crashing on the floor in a heap of jumbledness. at least, its best to try learning, that is. 

besides. Being perfectly put together is boring. 
Shake your hair and laugh bc today you messed up and tomorrow you probably will too 

there is loveliness in that 

1 YEAR = 100 POEMS

Sunday, August 13, 2017

i am unsure of how im supposed to handle this newness around me
i grip onto yesterday bc i don't know tomorrow
and in doing that
so many todays disappear in yesterdays
who am i to blame
who am i to scream at
its uncomfortable to be uncomfortable
its comfortable to be comfortable
that's who i am
how am i supposed to change that without changing me
perhaps that's the point
perhaps i need to step out into the raging waves
maybe i will slip under for a while
but in the end
im hoping for an island
that's why im breathing in and holding onto today for once
thats why tomorrows unknowns cant stop me
bc im searching and learning and trusting
that's what im trying to do at least

[this post marks 1 year of TWILIGHT TO DAWN and yes. this is my 100th posted poem. guess i should keep going? *grins*]

t h e - s k y

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

so im wondering why the sky is a soft blue one day
and a vibrate blue another day
or a stormy grey randomly
like isn't the sky the same always
how come it changes
i understand the movement and fading of clouds
i know why we can't see the stars in the day
and that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west
i know these things
but idk why the sky can change so drastically in color
maybe i do know why but just don't remember
whatever it is
the blue sky is my friend

my poems

Friday, August 4, 2017

i write words
which some people say are sad
and some say they hurt so much
that they are good
and these words
which i have learned
come from somewhere
which is nowhere
and i just have to trust that it'll be ok
bc let's face it
some words said are just a little too full of truth
and hit a little too close to home
i'm sorry if they're painful
trust me
they hurt me too