Thursday, August 18, 2016

sometimes i like to believe
that people understand me
but they don't
they look at me through eyes
which i can not see through
it's as though
i am a stranger to them
a traveler
a child from a distant land
they ask me questions trying to grasp
who i am
why i do what i do
but even i don't know
so how can i answer you
who i am
its a mystery to me
as it is to you
i don't know why i do what i do
i was designed to do it
i guess
im passionate for a reason
loud for a cause
strong for the weak
im not lost though
im found
im just different
people see me through their eyes
i look blurry to some
clear to others
colorful to the best
and drab to those who are blind themselves
it's a world full of people
some see it
some don't
so what if im odd
im stronger for my differences
i'll fight hard for those who need me
cry for those who cry
i'll yell when someone needs to be heard
i'll sing when the music is playing
dance when its time to dance
but for now
i'll remain the stranger
child from a distant land
im cool with that


  1. This. I can't string the words together to say how much I loved this. Your writing and the story you told, just gorgeous.


    1. whoa, like thanks so much!! <3 I realized that both of my published poems on here so far involve looking through peoples eyes..hahaaa I guess I have something with eyes?? xD

  2. Love this! <3

  3. Julia,
    You just described me. My life. My thoughts. Let vagabond reach out to vagabond. Let hands be held, and tears be wiped away. Let's face it, it's a hard life. A rocky road. Full of pain. And love. And hellos. And goodbyes.
    I'll play the music.
    I'll start the dance.
    And I'll be the first to leave.
    Hello stranger.
    And also goodbye.

    1. you have a poetry blog??? Cause if not you need to start one!!! Like WOOOZZERS *thumbs up*

    2. Actually, I don't. I've never really considered it, but I will now. I wasn't actually trying to write a poem, as much as let you know you're not alone. But thank you so much!

    3. You should!! XD Hahaa well it was very poetic, so go you. *thumbs up*


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