the shopkeeper

Monday, October 10, 2016

His eyes used to sparkle
When I would enter the shop
And he would wave
Send me a grin
Say hello
He always was a friend
I treasured that
Somehow life happened
And I moved
I forgot
Or so I thought
He didn't
Cause that day
When I accidentally opened the door
Heard the bells sing
He smiled again
And waved
But he didn't say hello
He asked me where I had been
Still a friend
Never changing
Now we talk
And now
I'm seeing a man I wish I had known
All those years ago


  1. Awww this makes me really happy:)

  2. Aw, how sweet!!! <3 (Is this inspired by a real-life shopkeeper friend!?!!)
    P.S. I texted you. that is all. ;) (in case you didn't see them for some reason...)

    1. hahaa nope, not at all. LOL! I guess I should start writing fine print down below each post. LOL!!!
      I KNOW! I'm sorry - I was literally laying in the dentist chair and my phone was buzzing but I had to ignore you. *SOB* sorry! I will reply after I finish school..haha

  3. My parents went to a Chinese restaurant every week when my Mama was expecting me, then moved away. When my dad came back to the area, he walked in, and the guy who often waited on them got sooooooo excited to see him, "WHERE YOU BEEN?!??!?!!", and brought him a huge plate of those little doughnut thingys- there were supposed to be six in an order, but my dad guesses they brought him 30.... :D

    1. Oh my gosh that's the coolest tho!! Your parents ate a lot of chinese food hahaa!!! Seriously how fun xD

  4. This is so cool! Love it!
    Btw, have you ever thought about getting your poem's published?

    1. uhhmmm...hahaa noooo! like, not me lol!


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