we are the dreamers

Monday, April 17, 2017

we all have a fairytale
hidden away in our hearts
these fairytales
are filled with ideals and dreams
hopes and things your grasp for
they're those cinderella balls
and winning money for books
finding a flight ticket to the place you dream to be
they are your wedding day
and moment you see your child take its first steps
when you do firsts
and then even your lasts
some people call them unattainable
and honestly
if you believe in true love
and four leaf clovers
and a God who knows your heart
then keep dreaming those fairytales
you've got them for a reason

being a dreamer 
doesn't make your head in the clouds
it just means
you hold onto hope
don't let go
for there will be some
who are dream-takers


  1. cute photo! <3 lovely words!

    1. *hugs you so tight and never lets go*

  2. *finds a new absolute-favorite Ju poem* I CAN'T EVEN. What are words. *hugs you* This was so beautiful, I'm in shock. Thanks for sharing, my dreamer-friend. <3 <3 <3 <3

    ~ Savannah

    1. *laughs cuz you say this every single time but i totally love you for it* hahahha!! don't ask me what words are - they legit are so weird *hugs you back* ohhh wow I'm in shock now *is sobbing* thank you so much, my ISTP twin <3

  3. This is so amazing, Julia!



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