can't go back

Thursday, December 1, 2016

the words just
slipped out
you try to grasp them
to pull them back
to where they had come from
but you can't
the look you receive
penetrates your soul
it hurts
you didn't mean to say them
it just
but now what
the eyes
they've changed
you cant go back
only forward
you step closer
but can feel the words
between you both
an "im sorry"
won't cut it
you can't take the words back
now what

legitimate feels from many a time.. *sighs*


  1. Julia, I just started reading this blog, (I've been reading your other one for awhile-it's awesome), and seriously, is all your poetry this perfect? I love how all your poems that I've read so far pertain to real life so. so. well.

    1. oh my word, like....girlllll! IDK what to say. Just thank you <333 *hugs* *gives you ice cream* *cries* thank you..really. <3

  2. This is the worst feeling ever, oh my gosh this is so perfectly accurate </3

    1. that broken heart at the end of your comment sums it all up... *cries*

  3. Do you know how many times i have done this!!! :(


dude you make my day with comments *wipes tear dramatically* *gives you a hug*

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