be brave k

Monday, February 6, 2017

you have to be brave
to let people in
to trust them
with your story
and heart
and love
you can't just run away
bc you are scared
fear is real and terrifying
but so is living alone
for the rest of your life
be brave
trust in God
and then
my dear friend
you will find beauty

idk if im brave enough 


  1. This . . . I'm not sure if I'm quite brave enough. It's so hard! But it is good. Just . . . yeah.

  2. *gives hug* you always say the most amazing things at the right time. Thanks for the reminder <3

    1. *returns hug* gahhh girl...don't make me cry!! <333

  3. Yes! (Seriously, I think I begin every comment on here with that word. Obviously you write super relatable stuff!) I think that's exactly what bravery is about - not being so tough and not needing help and support, but rather being vulnerable and open..

    1. hahaha dude, don't worry about it.. I just adore that you comment all the time!! *hugs* wow.....yes...and that takes A LOT of bravery

  4. you will find beauty
    yes girl yes, thank you for this


dude you make my day with comments *wipes tear dramatically* *gives you a hug*

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