loud whispers

Thursday, February 2, 2017

sometimes the silence
is just
too loud
it tells me that i can't do it
that i'll fail
yet again
it whispers to me
the echoes and memories
of long such things
things that i wanted to forget
but tend to be awakened
by the silence
it's a little too unnerving
a little too loud
if silence isn't what you think it is
then what even is it

bc geeesh this is so true right


  1. You always manage to stick that knife in my heart at just the right time.
    Seriously though this is so true!

    1. but. but. but..... I DONT WANNA DO THAT - that's like MEAN OR SOMETHING OUCH
      aww <333

  2. WOAAAAH This...this is so amazingly true. FANTASTIC, JULIA. (you write fab poems, ya know. this one sorta reminded me of Chosen in the beginning. Maybe that was just me. XD XD)

    1. GAH AW GIRL (woah yeah kinda!! huh I didn't even think of that..maybe you subconsciously inspired this for me lol!!)


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