your choice

Monday, December 12, 2016

people are heartless
when they don't mean to be
they let the words slip
and you stand there
dumbfounded by what you heard
you're given two choices
to lash out
or to love
they both bring their own hardships
but you get to choose
you pick
now you get to be the heartless one
if you wish to be
so decide
what will it be

so many times this has happened to me 


  1. Um wow. How many times this has happened escaped me.

    but Ju, you are gifted. Soooo gifted. You can take my heart and crush it with only a few words.

    1. ikr same...

      oh my gosh HANN i mean...I don't mean to. crushing your heart is an okay thing, right? *cringes*

  2. What. No, Stop!! I don't know, I can't decide!!
    *dramatically throws self onto the ground*
    Gosh girl, you get me every time, how do you do it?

    1. *stares at you* girl.. *decides to join you* *dramatically throws thyself onto the floor* *laughs*
      omw idk...

  3. This. Sometimes it's so hard to be called "speechless" or "beaten" when I refuse to hurt the other person back... but this poem perfectly describes the reason that I hold it back. I just wish I would stop to remember I have a choice more often <3.

    1. oh my gosh YESSS so true. People also say that to get on your nerves tho... uhggg. <333

  4. i don't lash out but i speak the hard truth in love if needed...
    gosh tho you and words....*sighs*

    1. lol which can be the same I guess...just depends on the situation
      *blushes* sorry...I didn't even know I could do this to people *is shocked*

  5. This reminds me of that Bible verse about not listening to what others say about you in anger because everyone has spoken out in anger at one point or another....

    1. ohh wow, yeah... where is that, do you remember?? srsly tho, such a good thing to remember. I didn't even think of that!!


dude you make my day with comments *wipes tear dramatically* *gives you a hug*

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